Agence Réseau-Italia came into being as a result of the vision and determination of its president and founder, Nancy Rossi.

Originally from Italy, Nancy moved to Québec in 2001 after obtaining a degree in international administration.

After arriving in Québec, where she knew only her husband, Nancy began working at the Italian Trade Commission (ICE Montréal). Her work there introduced her to market development, a field she instantly fell in love with. Once her mandate with the Italian government was completed, she began searching for ways to continue working with Italian companies that wanted to pierce the Québec and Canadian markets, and Québec-based companies that were seeking guidance on how to enter the Italian market.

In 2005, Nancy started her own business as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Her first clients were the Festival mondial de la bière de Montréal and the Festival mondial de la bière de Strasbourg, two popular events that celebrate craft beers. She worked with festival organizers from 2005 to 2013 in order to grow the participation of Italian craft brewers at these events. She also organized and managed the stands of Italian participants during the festivals.

In 2007, she landed her first contract with the Sélections Mondiales des Vins (SMS) Canada International Wine Championship, which is based in Québec City. Nancy continues to serve the interests of this major wine competition to this day, now, as its general manager.

In 2009, she founded Agence Réseau-Italia, which is based in Brossard. Her list of clients would continue to grow with the addition of Gruppo Industriale Tosoni, which mandated Nancy to assist it with setting up shop in Québec and in creating Saira Canada (today KTK Canada). Nancy also served on the board of directors of KTK Canada for several years. Shunga, a Québec-based company, and Tourisme Mauricie also called on Agence Réseau-Italia services, this time, for the translation of various documents.

In 2014, Agence Réseau-Italia created an operating arm, Distributions ARI inc., an import/export company that helps its customers to better position themselves on the Québec market. From 2014 to 2019, Distributions ARI inc. concentrated its efforts primarily on the importation of bottles, and since 2016, on importing food products (olive oil, artisanal pastas, pastries). Distributions ARI also conducts operations under the name MonOlivier.

In 2017, given the ongoing expansion of Agence Réseau-Italia’s activities, the company moved into a larger office located in the industrial district of Brossard. Also in 2017, the agency changed its name to Agence Réseau-Italia & International in order to reflect its ever-growing international activities.

In 2019, Agence Réseau-Italia celebrated its 10th anniversary. Market development remains a passion for Nancy, and she is eager to take on new challenges that will enable both her clients and the agency to continue expanding.

On November 22, 2019, Agence Réseau-Italia held its first international conference on neuromarketing in the wine industry, which was presented by Professor Vincenzo Russo of IULM University in Milan, Italy.


Our tried and tested approach is 10 years in the making and still going strong. We serve large-scale companies and small and medium-sized businesses with equal resolve and the same objective: to provide quality services and accompany clients who wish to do business on the other side of the ocean.

We have a flexible operating structure that is composed of between 3 and 6 employees. We also call on the expertise of several freelancers, including an accountant, a graphic artist, an electronic marketing expert and two revisers (English and French).


Nancy has in-depth knowledge of business practices in both Italy and Québec, which she imparts to clients candidly and discerningly in order to help them achieve their goals.

Our clients are Québec-based companies that wish to enter the Italian market, Italian companies that seek to use Québec as a gateway to the Americas and companies from other countries that want to make use of our expertise.


  • Search for contacts in Italy and in Québec
  • Management of wine competitions (or other types of alcoholic beverages)
  • Organization of conferences
  • Organization of an Italian presence at various tradeshows and festivals
  • Organization of familiarization and exploratory tours in Québec
  • Domiciliation of Italian companies in Québec at our offices
  • Representation of companies at tradeshows and preparation of a contact address book.
  • International Communications


At Agence Réseau-Italia, services are available in four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish. We can also serve you in other languages on request. We have even offered services in Arabic.


In the past 10 years, we have developed various ways to work with our clients and suppliers, whether they are located in another city, another country or another time zone. We have proven that distance is not an obstacle to efficiency. Thanks to ever-evolving technologies, it is possible to work thousands of kilometers away, but have the impression of being in the office next door. We may not be in the same location, but we are always at your side, either a click or a phone call away.
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